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Car Accident Lawyer In Miramar

Bruce R. Jacobs Knows How to Help.

With an increasing number of people texting while driving or driving under the influence, car accidents in Miramar are occurring daily (For more information, read our monthly Miramar car accident data pages).  Moreover, South Florida’s dense population causes frequent traffic jams and constant frustration on the road.

Bruce Jacobs understands the various issues that can arise from a car crash. With vehicle damage, injuries, medical bills, loss of work, and pain and suffering, the experience can quickly become overwhelming.

Bruce has years of experience handling all types of car accident cases, rear-end accidents in Miramar, and those involving pedestrians, motorcycles, and trucks.

If you were in a car accident in Miramar due to a driver’s negligence, recklessness, improper turning, tailgating, speeding, or improper maintenance, then Bruce Jacobs can handle your case from start to finish.

How Can Bruce Jacobs Help You?

Bruce has years of experience helping car accident victims with:

Bruce R. Jacobs has the experience and knowledge to handle:

  • Personal Injury Protection Claims (PIP);
  • Uninsured Motorists Issues;
  • Pain and Suffering Recovery; and
  • Pre-Suit Settlement Offers.

If you find yourself in a car accident in Miramar and you are unsure of the first step to take, the worst thing you can do is wait and hope the issue will resolve itself. So, an experienced car accident lawyer can help you collect compensation for economic damages such as medical expenses and lost wages, and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering and loss of consortium if someone passed away.

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