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Real Estate Lawyer In Miramar

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Real Estate Lawyer In Miramar

Real Estate Transactions and Real Estate Litigation

Florida’s ever-evolving laws can pose their fair share of challenges to anyone involved in the real estate industry. Miramar homeowners, buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, and real estate professionals should have an advocate they can trust to handle the litigation aspects of their Miramar real estate.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes in Miramar

Often, disputes between landlords and their tenants can only be resolved through court intervention. In those cases, having an experienced  real estate attorney, like Bruce Jacobs, on your side to explain your option can be invaluable to winning your case.

Common disputes involving Miramar landlords and tenants which require litigation and the hiring of a lawyer, include:

The good news here is that many attorneys, like Bruce Jacobs, won’t charge you attorneys fees and costs unless you win your case.

Real Estate Closings

Bruce provides real estate closing services, including:

  • Title Searches
  • Lien Searches
  • Surveys
  • Affidavit Preparation
  • Preparation of Seller Documents (Deeds, Bill of Sale, etc.)
  • Contract Review
  • Loan Documentation Review

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Foreclosure Defense in Miramar

Bruce Jacobs has defended countless foreclosure lawsuits and related issues, including lost notes, deficiency judgments, deeds in lieu, strategic defaults, loan modifications, short sales, and other foreclosure alternatives.

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Bruce R. Jacobs also handles a wide-range of disputes involving Miramar real estate, including:

  • Escrow Disputes;
  • Disclosure Disputes;
  • Title Issues & Clouds On Title;
  • Specific Performance;
  • Code Enforcement Disputes
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes;
  • Commercial Lease Disputes;
  • Municipal Liens;
  • Foreclosure Defense;
  • Adverse Possession; and
  • Mechanics Liens.

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