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Landlord Tenant Lawyer In Miramar

In Florida, evictions are governed by Florida Statutory Law which apply to all residential landlords including those in Miramar. This means landlords cannot simply take the law into their own hands and must follow strict written guidelines.

Bruce Jacobs, an experienced landlord and tenant lawyer, will explain to his clients their rights as a tenant, including their rights relating to the return of their security deposit and how they are protected from landlord evictions.

 As a tenant, you have a defense against an eviction if:

  • Your landlord prevented you from accessing to your home.
  • You received invalid notice to vacate. For example, if the landlord failed to correctly compute the amount of time to pay past-due rent or to vacate the premises in a 3-day notice.
  • Your landlord is retaliating or discriminating against you. You have grounds for a case if your landlord is evicting you simply because they do not like you, or racial or discriminatory reasons.
  • The lawsuit does not state the reason for your eviction. If the landlord cannot provide you with a reasonable explanation, you can fight the eviction in court.
  • Your landlord failed to provide you with proper living conditions. For example, there may be leaks or repairs that need to be done, and the landlord refuses to fix it.
  • You tried to pay the landlord the rent you owed within the time allowed by law. Sometimes, landlords will refuse to accept payment, even if it is withing the grace period provided in the 3-day notice.

Bruce Jacobs will investigate your case to ensure your landlord is abiding by all of the requirements for filing an eviction, including proper notice under the law.

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