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Loan Modification In Miramar

What is a loan modification?

A loan modification is the permanent restructuring of a mortgage, where the borrower’s terms are modified to create a more affordable payment. Loan modification is a method to help homeowners avoid foreclosure, through actions such as forgiving the principle balance, reducing interest rates, converting from a variable interest rate to a fixed interest rate, or extending the length of the loan.

Do I need an attorney for a loan modification in Miramar?

With the complex system of loan modification laws, the process can be overwhelming. To avoid time and stress, many homeowners seek assistance from a lawyer to guide them through the process.

Seeking the help of an experienced real estate attorney would be wise for the following reasons:

  • In many cases, homeowners that were promised loan modifications are foreclosed on anyway.
  • There are far less loan modifications being granted than you might think.
  • Lenders are more likely to work with you when you have legal representation.

How can Bruce Jacobs help me with my loan modification in Miramar?

Bruce Jacobs can explain your legal rights including how most banks deal with loan modifications and try to prevent a foreclosure on your home.

Call Bruce Jacobs if:

  • You don’t know how to handle a loan modification, including the documents needed to file for a loan modification. Bruce will walk you through each stop of a mortgage modification and construct a plan that will have the best chance of success with your bank.
  • You don’t know how to fill out loan modification paperwork. Bruce can help you fill out the proper applications, provide the necessary documentation, and explain your financial hardships. He will prevent the risk of your modification paperwork being completed improperly or insufficiently, thus resulting in a foreclosure.
  • Your loan servicer is dual tracking. If your mortgage lender is pursuing a foreclosure while also deciding on your loan modification, Bruce can help you enforce your rights.
  • Your mortgage provider denied your modification request. Bruce can help you legally appeal your loan modification denial, and help you get approved for your deal.

Hiring a qualified, reputable mortgage loan modification lawyer in Miramar can make the difference between losing your home and getting your mortgage modified to something that suits you financially. Bruce Jacobs will work to protect your rights in your loan modification process.

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