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Retaliatory Eviction in Miramar

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Retaliatory Evictions In Miramar

Unfortunately, Miramar landlords sometimes take confrontations with their tenants personally and end up retaliating. One way a landlord may retaliate against a tenant is by wrongfully trying to evict a tenant by filing a retaliatory eviction.

In these situations, you should hire a tenant’s rights attorney, like Bruce Jacobs, to help you negotiate with the landlord or property owner.

What is a retaliatory eviction?

Retaliatory eviction is the process of a landlord illegally evicting a tenant from a rental property because of something the tenant was legally allowed to do or request to be fixed. However, retaliation does not always come in the form of an eviction, they can also raise the rent or harass the tenant.

As a tenant, if you believe your landlord is retaliating against you, the are laws in Florida that protect you.

It is important to know that Florida law protects tenants against bad landlords who do things like:

  • cutting off utilities,
  • removing amenities,
  • breaking and entering when you are not on the premises, or
  • vandalism of your personal belongings.

What rights do tenants have when renting property in Miramar?

Disputes between landlords and tenants are common here in Miramar. However, in a landlord-tenant rental agreement, both parties have specified legal rights. In general, if a residential tenant makes his or her monthly payments, the tenant has the right to:

  • withhold rent under certain circumstances (a tenant must comply with Florida law before withholding rent);
  • move out (after providing notice that complies with Florida law);
  • private, peaceful possession of the dwelling;
  • working plumbing, hot water and heating;
  • a dwelling free of insects, rodents and other pests, like bed bugs; and
  • reasonable security.

If the residential tenant feels the landlord has not upheld their contractual obligation to provide a safe, clean, and comfortable living arrangement, they have the legal right to bring it to the landlord’s attention.

A landlord can evict a tenant before the end of their lease agreement  for one of the following reasons:  failing to pay rent or using the apartment for illegal purposes.

A landlord may not try to evict a tenant just for exercising their legal rights, such as complaining about unsafe or illegal living conditions, requesting a repair in a rental unit, or using the repair and deduct policy.

Bruce Jacobs will protect your rights and help you lawfully move out and sue for damages. In addition, he can help you remain in your property or lawfully withhold your rent while suing for damages.

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