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Real Estate Closings In Miramar

The process of buying or selling a home in Miramar can quickly become overwhelming. Bruce Jacobs can help you avoid the most common problems that arise during your real estate closing in Miramar; including title defects and walk through inspection issues.

9 Common Issues That Can Impact A Real Estate Closing In Miramar:

  1. Does the prospective property have illegal additions or illegal improvements? Have local ordinances and state building codes and regulations been followed in the construction of the improvements?
  2. Are you moving from another state or country? Every area has specific regulations, such as tax withholding requirements, exemptions, and regulation for transfer taxes.
  3. Do you trust your real estate agent? A real estate agent can handle most parts of your real estate closing, but there are a few things that only a real estate attorney can do. Not to mention, real estate agents like to charge “administrative fees”, which you should discuss with a lawyer.
  4. Do you currently have judgments against you? A real estate lawyer can discuss the effects of a lien or judgement, and how you can complete the transaction with one.
  5. Are you purchasing commercial property? If you are buying an apartment building, plaza, or warehouse, the process will be more complicated than a traditional real estate closing.
  6. Is it a short sale? A short sale differs from a traditional purchase and involves special conditions, like a short sale approval letter from the seller’s lender.
  7. Are you worried that the appraisal will not match the purchase price? If there are appraisal issues, your attorney can help recommend contract clauses.
  8. Are you worried about what will happen to your earnest money deposit if there is a problem with the transaction? Bruce Jacobs can act as an escrow agent. Meaning, he will hold your money for you, ensuring that your money will not be wrongfully held or disbursed.
  9. Not sure which documents you need to sign during your real estate closing in Miramar? An unbiased, third-party can ensure you are not legally binding yourself to anything other than what is required under the real estate contract.

Bruce Jacobs, a real estate lawyer in Miramar can help you:

  • Prepare a contract for the sale and purchase of real estate.
  • Perform a title search
  • Close the transaction
  • Prepare the documents necessary to close, including a Deed, Bill of Sale, and Affidavit.
  • Negotiate the return of the earnest money deposit if the seller withdraws the property or cannot deliver a good marketable title

Hiring an attorney can help expedite the process and protect the interests of the buyer, and the seller. You will need the help of a trained, experienced real estate attorney to ensure that standard laws are being met and your rights are protected if legal issues arise in your real estate closing in Miramar.

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