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Code Enforcement Disputes in Miramar

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Code Enforcement Disputes In Miramar

What is a code enforcement?

Generally speaking, a code is a local law or ordinance in a city or town pertaining to property upkeep and maintenance. The goal of code enforcement is to ensure that the neighborhood or community is a safe, desirable, and well-maintained living area.

Code enforcement aims to improve the quality of life by administering violations against those who are not keeping their property up to its codes and city standards. Typical codes aim towards exterior maintenance. For example, overgrown vegetation, outdoor storage, vehicle placement, or extra vehicles parked on the property are all factors that may trigger a code violation.

Thus, code enforcement disputes may arise when a city official believes the property owner is not maintaining some aspect of their property or building per city standards, but the property owner disagrees with it.

How does code enforcement work?

A code violation is a violation of a municipal ordinance. Although people who violate a municipal ordinance are normally not subject to criminal penalty, violations can be costly (i.e. $100/day until the violation is corrected.) Most cities only issue a code enforcement on a complaint basis.

A code enforcement officer may issue a warning first if he or she comes to your residence. This gives the homeowner the opportunity to resolve the issue before the case is sent to a magistrate.

However, if a code enforcement officer comes to your business establishment, he or she may not issue a warning. This is because with business owners it is assumed that they know the codes and regulations to run a business in the City of Miramar.

Common codes you may receive a violation for in Miramar:

Building codes are associated with the integrity of the structure, from the beginning stages of construction. Building code violations in Miramar work to ensure that construction methods can withstand unforeseen events. (for example: fire, wind damage, tornados, hurricanes, etc.)

Property maintenance codes govern standards for existing houses and nonresidential properties, such as those for commercial or industrial use.  The property maintenance code moves maintenance of an existing commercial building and the surrounding property from an option to a legal requirement for a responsible property owner.

Existing building codes include the renovation, repair, and remodeling of buildings already in service.

Additionally, Miramar has set codes when it comes to the height of your grass, outdoor storage, derelict and inoperable vehicles, vehicle parking, commercial vehicles, signs outside of a business or home, alarm systems, pool maintenance, and animal species restrictions.

What should I do if I disagree with my code enforcement violation?

Bruce Jacobs, Esq. understands that there are certain circumstances in which a code enforcement dispute is necessary, and wants to help you fight for your rights against an unlawful code violation in Miramar.

Code enforcement disputes occur under circumstances such as:

  • You believe you wrongfully received a code violation;
  • The enforcement program is too intolerant;
  • The enforcement employees are unreasonably aggressive;
  • Local elected officials are responding to local pressure in an unrealistic manner;
  • Your code violation was retaliatory in nature; and
  • The violation was caused by a tenant.

Call Bruce R Jacobs, the Miramar code enforcement dispute lawyer, to protect your rights if you are battling a code enforcement dispute.

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