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Security Deposit Claims in Miramar

As a renter in Miramar, it is important to understand your rights when it comes to your security deposit. Almost all Florida landlords require tenants to pay a security deposit before their rental period begins. A typical security deposit amounts to one month’s rent.

The security deposit serves as a cushion of money for the landlord to repair any damages or excessive filth left behind by the tenant at the end of the rental agreement.  If there is only “ordinary wear and tear” on the property, the landlord is to return the entire security deposit to the renter.

Walk through Of The Rental Property

To protect the tenant’s security deposit from bogus claims and to accurately assess the condition of the property, a tenant should do a walk-through of the apartment or rental property before signing a lease. During the walk through, the landlord and tenant can point out areas where damage existed before the move in, then sign off on it when you both come to an agreement that everything needed was documented.

When it comes time for a tenant to move out, this sheet is typically referenced during the final walk-through to assess where there may be new damage. If you left the apartment or home filthy to the point where the landlord must hire a cleaning crew to come in and thoroughly clean the rental property, or if you left stains all over the carpet, your landlord has the right to keep a portion or all of your security deposit.

What If My Landlord Refuses To Return My Security Deposit?

When you move in to a rental property, you trust that your landlord will return it to you upon the end of your rental agreement. Unfortunately, this is a very common dispute between landlords and tenants, as landlords often invent reasons to keep the money, or return a very small portion.

Bruce Jacobs can help dispute your security deposit case if it has not gone in your favor and your landlord had no basis.

There are laws set in place to protect your rights:

  • Landlords must comply security deposit rule related to where your security deposit should be held.
  • Landlords must provide notice within a certain amount of time after a tenant moves out in order to place a claim against a security deposit.
  • There is a deadline for when your landlord must return your money to you and account for any deductions.

Can I Sue My Landlord?

If you believe your deductions are unjustified, you may sue your landlord for failure to return your security deposit.

Hiring a landlord-tenant lawyer like Bruce Jacobs can help you get your security deposit in Miramar back, under the following circumstances:

Your landlord fails to…

  • return your security deposit
  • provide an itemized statement within the time required by the law
  • pay interest on the security deposit
  • dispute the cost of repairs and cleaning

Bruce Jacobs can help you build a case against your landlord, which will hold them liable for the security deposit, as well as court fees. Security deposit laws help you get your money back if it was withheld without proper reason.

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