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Miramar Car Accident Data – March 2019

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Miramar Car Accident Data- March 2019

Below you will find a summary and the raw data of the March 2019 statistics for car accidents that occurred in Miramar, Florida. The raw data includes the location of each accident and the number of injuries. This information has been compiled using public governmental agency data including from the Department of Transportation for the State of Florida’s Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

March 2019 Highlights:

  1. S. University Dr. near Pembroke Rd. – 1 fatality
  2. 12200 Miramar PKWY – 5 injuries
  3. Flamingo Rd. at Somerset BLVD – 4 injuries
  4. Hiatus Rd. near Red Rd. – 3 injuries
  5. SCR 858 at SW 62nd Ave. – 3 injuries


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Total Crashes 142
Total Vehicles Involved 286

Injury Details:

Crashes With Injuries* 47
Total Injuries 67
Injury Crashes** 47
Driver Injuries 44
Crashes With Incapacitating Injuries 4
Total Incapacitating Injuries 5
Crashes With Non-Incapacitating Injuries 16
Total Non-Incapacitating Injuries 19
Crashes With Possible Injuries 31
Total Possible Injuries 43
* Crashes With Injuries are all crashes with at least one reported injury, and including those where a fatality was reported.
** Injury Crashes are any crash in which there was at least one reported injury, and excluding those where a fatality was reported.

Fatality Details:

Crashes With Traffic Fatalities 1
Total Traffic Fatalities 1
Driver Fatalities 1


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